Friday, September 20, 2019

"Had the good fortune on Friday September 20th to hear Clif and his Band play at the California Jazz Conservatory in Berkeley and what a great concert it was. From the first moment the band started playing I could NOT stop "dancing in my chair". Too my ear, Clif Payne evokes the melange of Motown - Stevie, Smoky & Aretha, along with R&B, Jazz, Funk, The Great American Song Book, early/mid-20th century Harlem & Broadway, Hip Hop, Dizzy, Sir Duke, Count Basie, Eubie Blake and the call of long ago New Orleans ... as well as so many others that I can not name as IT, would be too long a list. The Band. Was absolutely magnificent and I would like to wax rhapsodic about each member.
Please know that if it was up to me I would shout you-all out individually and BRAVO !!!
Also. Clif and his duet with a classy lady singer. Broadway indeed.
Was a great evening with a great performer and crew.

Good Fortune continued: "Something's" been really bothering me since I posted my above message ... Took me awhile, but it finally came to me when I awakened this morning. Please add Fred Astaire to my "evocation list". Not too many folks can sing straight-up one-on-eone with such genuine warmth but please know that our Cif is on that very short list. Lastly Clif sang a wistful ballad, as a duet with a cello and cellist of course. Lovely."      Suzette C.