UK Vibe's Brian Goucher reviews TOO

"For me   
       it’s the soul album of the year so far." 

Download TOO at CD Baby

Download TOO at CD Baby


1.  Go Back To What You Know 

2.  TOO 

3.  Blue Melisma 

4.  (Easily) Breezy 

5.  Yesterday's Payne, Tomorrow's Joy (NL mix) [feat. Freda Payne] 

6.  Because Of You 

7.  Another Star 

8.  Get Up, Get Busy 

9.  Heaven Is Watching 

10.  Share My Life With You (Interlude) 

11.  Yesterday's Payne, Tomorrow's Joy [feat. Freda Payne] 

12.  No Payne, No Gain (Nl Downtown Mix) [feat. Freda Payne] 

13.  No Payne, No Gain” (Nl Uptown Mix) [feat. Freda Payne]

"Freda and I are so happy to be in great company on this newly-released album!"  CP
The Nigel Lowis mixes from the UK, including his Philly-soul dance version of
"No Payne, No Gain." Kudos also to UK's Gary Van den Bussche, and all of the UK for your support! 

Get Up Get Busy Clif Payne TOODavid Nathan's SOULMUSIC)
What hasn’t been said about Clif Payne, he’s been in the music industry for years, and worked with the likes of Harvey Mason, Norman Connors, Peggy Blu and Evelyn King, to name just a tiny few! As a solo artist, Clif Payne’s first
album in 2016 ‘Welcome To My World’ was well received, and gave us the classic ‘No Payne, No Gain’ with Freda Payne (no relation). This new album continues where the first album left off, Produced once again by Preston Glass
           by Gary Van den Bussche

 "There is a void in the world’s landscape today, of what used to be “basic human ingredients of ‘LOVE and COMPASSION’”…..The need for these qualities is what sparked the inspiration for me to put together (along with some dear friends with gifts of music) this collection of amazing, moving and heart-tugging songs.
 With stellar contributions by both established artists and newcomers in the soul music realm, each song stands on it’s own, while aligns perfectly within the album. SOUL MUSIC RECORDS/PLATINUM GARAGE RECORDINGS is proud to bring to you and your consciousness these songs – in hopes that they will feed your soul, help to fill that void, and stir all to keep the ingredients of ‘Love and Compassion’ in their recipe for life." 
Preston Glass - songwriter/producer         
Sonic Soul Review of "Love & Compassion"

"I Am Honored To Be Included In This Project Promoting Love and Understanding For All People." CP

Welcome To My World (2016)

Welcome To My World (2016)

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Clif is a vocalist, songwriter and educator who’s inimitable sound, passionate performances and dedication to his craft has sustained a remarkable career that spans the decades earning him critical acclaim, the respect of his peers and an extremely loyal following. Discovered by Bobby McFerrin in the fall of 1980, the Harlem-born vocalist’s 2016 debut solo album Welcome to My World is proof he’s just getting started.  Earning him Grammy recognition,Welcome To My World featured some of the greatest talents in the business unite in support of Payne from guest appearances by original En Vogue singer Maxine Jones and Midnight Star’s Reggie Calloway, to production dream team Preston Glass (R&B Songwriter Hall of Famer) and Larry Batiste (Grammy orchestra music director). But it was the album’s chart-topping debut single “No Payne, No Gain” featuring the legendary Freda Payne ("Band of Gold") that really put the album on the map, proving an international sensation, topping Great Britain’s soul charts, receiving the title of UK’s Soul Song of the Year, and receiving Grammy recognition in 2017 for Best R&B Song

Thank You For Your Grammy Consideration! Dynamic Duets (Vol. 1)