"Clif is a lush tenor with soaring melismas in his individual passages." Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

Clif's music is a melange of jazz, r&b, funk, The Great American Songbook, Harlem, Broadway and the call of long ago New Orleans. His vocals evoke the soothing tones of Donny Hathaway, Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder.

What is Exhale Slowly: The Series?

It's based on Clif's song "Exhale Slowly" that he introduced on IGTV in January 2021. The song is about the realization that all of us-- in spite of all the recent drama in the news affecting us--all of us still need a time and space to just "chill out." We only have one life to live, right? So we might as well destress whenever we can. Response to the song has been so positive that Clif decided to create a music video series based on the principle of calmness and positivity featuring his songs, fresh song covers, mashups, medleys and commentary. Exhale Slowly: The Series is a musical encouragement for all of us to keep on keepin' on.

Exhale Slowly: The Series premiers on Sunday, April 16 on IGTV.


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